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Twist finger chuck for axial clamping of gears, for example

"Perfect roundness and thin-walled workpieces must not be a contradiction."

Especially in e-mobility (e-bikes, e-scooters), transmissions are designed to be as compact as possible. Often, this translates into thin-walled workpieces that must be clamped and machined. With the required roundness tolerances in the micrometer range, radial clamping is not possible. For this reason, we have developed and designed our FLD twist finger chucks. The chucks center the workpieces very gently on the outside diameter, subsequent clamping is performed via twist fingers, and the control of the centering can even be released if required. Hence, only axial force components act on the workpiece, and excellent roundness values can be achieved. 

Technical Specifications


TypeItemø Size
Clamping Force
Clamping-Range ø
3FLD 140SX1021500140137.54600010 bis 4515.5
3FLD 155SX1021924155131.54600022 bis 5815
3FLD 170SX1022295170137.54600042 bis 7519.5


Can't find the size you want? Contact us, rotary finger chucks are often custom-made, tailored to your requirements.

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  • Tight roundness tolerances
  • Designed for high RPM
  • In the main, sealed and protected by air purge
  • Fast change-over of the jaws