SwissChuck AG


Corporate principles
SwissChuck AG is committed to the rules of the free-market economy and strives to take advantage of free competition by consciously creating market advantages over the competition. The guideline for our business is the image of an innovative, market-oriented, and profitable enterprise in compliance with the given standards and legal regulations.

For our customers, we are a high-performance and competent partner. They are the central point of orientation for our thinking and acting in the company. Our goal is satisfied customers with lasting confidence in our products and services. We regard the wishes and requirements of our customers as a welcome challenge.

Our company thrives on its employees' creativity, commitment, professional skills, and social competence. We offer challenging and attractive jobs. For our employees to develop and use their skills and talents, we create an environment with opportunities and freedom in which they can learn from each other, continuously improve their qualifications and develop personally. Respecting and promoting all employees' abilities and personal responsibility is a cornerstone of our corporate culture.
We expect commitment and performance from each individual. Recognition and performance-related remuneration are a matter of course for us.

Products & Innovations
We hold our own against the competition with innovative, high-quality clamping tools and associated services. We contribute to the sustainable success of our customers. Our products and services create added value for customers.
The continuous further development of our products and services is an integral part of our entrepreneurial activities. We recognize rising demands for products and services at an early stage and quickly offer our customers intelligent solutions that lead to quantifiable added value. We involve customers and suppliers as partners in our joint developments.

Every employee stands for the quality of their performance. 
We are committed to the quality management principles we have developed and keep documented. We meet the quality requirements of our customers through expert support, the sound procurement of our products, and compliance with delivery dates. Quality inspires and creates trust. We focus on customer requirements. To exceed them, again and again, remains our goal. An integral part of quality is the commitment to the continuous development of the applied manufacturing processes and the consideration of environmental and safety aspects. By consistently recording and evaluating customer complaints, claims, supplier assessments, and suggestions for improvement, we form the basis for continuous improvement.

We consider it our duty and opportunity to take responsibility for the environment. Therefore, environmental issues play a key role in all activities and decisions. Our work processes and products are continuously adapted to the growing environmental requirements.