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We support you by telephone or also on-site in the following areas:

  • Mounting and commissioning of new clamping devices on your machine
  • Modifications
  • Fault analysis/evaluation of the repair effort
  • Balancing of clamping devices

For optimal preparation, please supply the engraved data on the clamping device:
  Type: e.g., 4OVEKA 206
  Item number: e.g., SX1234567
  Manufacturing number: 12345


Training at SwissChuck or your site in the areas of:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Functions and options
  • Practical training


SwissChuck clamping devices are sealed to prevent the ingress of grinding debris. To prevent the penetration of grinding debris, periodic inspection and possible replacement of seals are required to ensure high production use in the long term.
If maintenance is neglected, abrasive grinding debris can penetrate the clamping device and lead to excessive wear in the guides’ surface area. Increased wear in the area of the seals can lead to a reduction in clamping force due to a loss of pressure.


A repair becomes necessary when the clamping device no longer achieves the required accuracy, or its function is impaired. We analyze the condition of the clamping device and will quote the necessary measures with a firm cost estimate.
•    Restoring the functionality and accuracy
•    Components with high wear are replaced with original new parts
•    Replacing broken parts
•    Externally, the clamping device will look "shiny and new"


With its three-stage service offering, SwissChuck pursues a clear goal: to assist customers so that they can concentrate fully on their core task: Their production output. With SwissChuck, refurbishing is in the best hands. The quote will be appropriate in terms of quality and scope. You determine the level at which a clamping device is to be reconditioned.

Level 3 – Premium Service

  • The clamping device is reconditioned to "as new" condition.
  • Worn components are replaced with original parts only
  • Function and precision are restored to 100%
  • The clamping device is visually restored to "as new" condition
  • 24 months service guarantee

Level 2 – Basic Service

  • Additional rework of guide surfaces
  • Accuracy is again reestablished and guaranteed 

Level 1 – Budget Service

  • Disassembly and cleaning
  • Checking for damage and wear
  • The function is intact on delivery
  • Assembly with new seals
  • New oil filling or lubrication


What we encounter

What we encounter

Chucks with:

  • Leakages
  • Wear and corrosion damage
  • Loss of accuracy
  • Damaged or broken components
  • Insufficient maintenance



Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Professional service, clamping equipment as good as new:

  • A quotation with binding costs
  • Reworking of the guiding surfaces, the accuracy is guaranteed again
  • Defective components are replaced
  • All seals are replaced
  • Chucks are also externally as good as new again, depending on the service level ordered
  • Function, accuracy, and tightness check with test certificate
  • Up to 24 months warranty