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Vom Profi für den Profi


Ob hochkomplexe Werkstückformen oder Toleranzanforderungen im tausendstel Millimeter – Ihre Anforderung an den Bearbeitungsprozess ist unsere Herausforderung an das Spannmittel.

SwissChuck ermöglicht Ihnen, jegliche Art von Werkstücken zu spannen und Sie werden bereits während der Anfrage und bis zur Inbetriebnahme in Ihrem Werk, von unseren Spezialisten unterstützt. Neben den hohen Anforderungen an die Präzision von Spannmitteln, stehen Herausforderungen wie Prozessoptimierung, Senken der Produktionszeit, Flexibilität oder Kostenoptimierung im Mittelpunkt.



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Sales & Services


In a market subject to strong competition, you need to be faster, better, and more cost-efficient. Therefore, we regard ourselves not only as a supplier but also as a partner whom our customers can always rely on. Our philosophy is: define your requirements, and we will generate the best customer benefit.

Let us know which needs your clamping solution has to meet and what kind of proposal you wish to obtain. We offer standard and budgetary quotations for our specialty clamping systems. Besides the commercial data our standard quotation comes with a 3D proposal drawing easing the decision process. If you need an estimate, we will draw up an offer with reference prices and delivery very quickly.




  • Repairs

Regular maintenance helps you avoid unwanted outages. We overhaul and repair your clamping system in order to keep it in optimal condition throughout its service life.

  • Aftermarket Support

Problems can often be solved on the phone. Our motto is: call first, then try fixing it – do not try to fix it and then call!

  • Training

We transfer our know-how to you on site via specialized trainings.


In Formula 1, tyers, are at the interface to the asphalt. The interface of the individual compomonents, the tyers, the racing car, and the driver is decisive for the pole position. The same holds true for the machine tools where the chuck is the interface between the workpiece and the machine. SwissChuck develops and manufactures high precision chucking systems that are used in the high-precision machine tool industry.

Defining a suitable clamping solution is teamwork, much like chosing the best combination of component is in Formula 1. Our engineers and designers will determine the suitable workholding system for the required machining process together with you.


We design chucking systems based upon workpiece drawings and specified customer requirements. The hydraulically actuated front-end chuck shown here has an integrated circular lubrication. It can be used without retrofitting for centralized, floating (between centers) or console – like clamping. A high precision interfacing system for rapid interchanging is also available.

Production Planning & Control

A simple standard grinding chuck has many components. Production of the individually engineered components in combination with many differnt customer orders requires professional planning and control. Together with our partners, we coordinate and control production planning of all customer contracts under consideration of schedule specifications, fabrication, quality, and cost requirements.