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Whether highly complex workpiece forms or demandingly tight tolerances in the micrometer range – Your requirements governing the machining process are our challenges regarding the workholding.

SwissChuck enables you to clamp any workpiece. Our experts support you from the initial inquiry to the commissioning of the clamping tool at your factory. Apart from the demand for high precision of the clamping tools, we focus on other challenges such as process optimization, reducing production time, increasing flexibility, and cost optimization.



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Sales & Service

Your requirement is our challenge. In a highly competitive market, the aim is to be faster, better, and more cost-effective. For this reason, we do not see ourselves just as a supplier but as a reliable partner of our customers, whom they can trust in all respects. Hence, our philosophy states: "You define your requirements, and we will generate the maximum customer benefit."
Inform us what requirements your clamping device must meet. And importantly, tell us in what form you require a quotation. We distinguish between standard and budget quotations, particularly when dealing with tailor-made, customer-specific designs.
In the case of standard quotations, together with the price and delivery time, you will receive a 3D model that supports the decision-making process. If you need a budget offer for a cost-oriented calculation or a tight deadline, we will prepare offers with target prices and deadlines within the shortest possible time.

  • Repairs

Adequate maintenance helps to avoid production downtime. We maintain and repair your chucking equipment, ensuring its long service life.

  • Support

Problems can often be solved by phone. Our motto is: First call, get our advice, then apply it. If the problem should persist, call again.

  • Training

Know-how transfer through training and education. We train customers directly on-site and bring them up to date on the latest clamping technology. Got to Services

Development & Design

In Formula 1, the interface to the asphalt is the tires. The interaction of these components, the tires, the vehicle, and the human being, are decisive for achieving a pole position.
The same applies to the machine tool, where the clamping device is the interface between the workpiece and the machine tool. SwissChuck designs and manufactures high-precision clamping systems used on precision machine tools, especially on complex high-precision grinding machines. Defining the appropriate clamping solution is a team effort, just like in Formula 1. Our engineers and designers work with you to define the most suitable clamping solution for your machining process.


Based on a workpiece drawing and the requirement profile, we develop a chuck concept and provide 3D models. The hydraulically operated front-end chuck shown here (25000 N clamping force, 45 bar hydraulic pressure, 2 mm stroke/jaw, 35 mm piston stroke, 58 kg chuck weight, 270 mm chuck outer diameter) has integrated oil circulation lubrication. It can be used - without change-over- for centric, compensating (between centers), or asymmetric clamping. 

Operation & Production

A simple precision chuck consists of a large number of components. The production of the individual components in combination with a wide variety of customer orders requires professional planning and monitoring. Together with our partners, we coordinate and monitor the production planning of all customer orders, taking into account deadlines, production specifications, quality, and cost requirements.


Our experienced personnel assemble all our clamping devices and tests them according to the specific application. Runout, repeatability accuracy, and other customer-specific data are recorded in the test data sheets and compared with the specified requirements. The clamping device only leaves our workshop when all the required measurements and functions comply with the specifications.