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Focus on cost optimization

Focus on cost optimization

Increase your productivity and reduce costs!

In high-volume production, different production batches, including different clamping diameters, should be able to be machined without manual change-over of collets. Due to the demanding workpiece geometries, a reduced interference contour is a must for collision-free tool clearance. For the workpieces to be produced with the highest possible stock removal rate and the best possible quality, stable and precise clamping is mandatory. With the TGC multi-range chuck, we have met all these requirements. In short - we create the optimal version for you so that you can increase your productivity while simultaneously reducing your costs!


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Our innovative multi-range chuck with a clamping range of 5 to 20 mm

Your advantages:

  • Flexible clamping range of 5 to 20 mm (other clamping ranges on request)
  • Highest precision across the complete clamping area
  • Change-over times are reduced to a minimum
  • Suitable for automated production
  • Does not require additional adjustment of the clamping diameter range

What makes our products so unique?

We offer a complete package with an individually adjusted connection to your machine, in line with your requirements
Swiss quality in the highest precision combined with excellent service support, including after the purchase!

Complete offering from a single source
Swiss quality
Personal support
Excellent customer service

Example of Application

Diameter 2-20 | 18-36 | 34-52
For the grinding of tungsten carbide taps: Hydraulic actuation for the clamping with a fast-change-over system:

  • Multiple change-overs of the chuck per day
  • Specific precision zero-point interface
  • Change-over of the chuck in less than 5 minutes – clocking of the chuck is not required
  • Three chucks cover the complete clamping range from ø2 mm to ø52 mm
  • Further clamping ranges are possible on request