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Tailor-made customer-specific clamping tools

Customer-specific "made-to-measure" clamping tool

We focus on your requirements

Special clamping devices are "made-to-measure" products. They are adapted to your specific requirements. The designs are matched to the workpieces to be machined and the individual machine concepts. When working with SwissChuck, you benefit from the know-how that has been built over decades and from the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Innovative clamping tools & personal support

Our goal is to support your manufacturing processes and thus minimize your costs. SwissChuck's special solutions serve to generate sustainable added value. In plain language: With our products, you optimize your processes and increase your performance and productivity. The best way to achieve this is to involve us early in the project planning stage or in production planning.

SwissChuck enables you to clamp any workpiece. In addition, you will be supported by our experts already during the inquiry and up to the commissioning at your plant:

We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

What makes our products so unique?

We offer a complete package with an individually adjusted connection to your machine, in line with your requirements
Swiss quality in the highest precision combined with excellent service support, including after the purchase!

Long-standing experience
Swiss quality
Personal support
Excellent customer service

"Made-to-measure" clamping tools par excellence

Clamping task for a «Capto» workpiece

  • Clamping and alignment on the flanks of the four grooves of the workpiece
  • Over-grip   of the body of ø130 mm at a size of C6  
  • Requires a vertical jaw stroke of 41 mm
  • Depth of immersion   of ø90 of 200 mm
  • Stable clamping for the form grinding of the Capto

Customer-specific "made-to-measure" clamping tool

  • Hydraulically actuated 4-jaw chuck with special functions
  • Radial fast stroke of 39 mm
  • Radial precision stroke of 2 mm
  • Opposite jaw sets are individually controlled
  • Fine-tuned top jaws => jaw change-over without subsequent readjustment
  • Clamping repeatability <= 0.01 mm
  • Workpiece-specific accessories:
  • Changeable top jaws for workpiece sizes C3 to C8
  • Hermetically sealed chuck with jaw area protected by purge air

Further examples of «made-to-measure» clamping tools can be found in our special catalog.