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In Formula 1, tyers, are at the interface to the asphalt. The interface of the individual compomonents, the tyers, the racing car, and the driver is decisive for the pole position. The same holds true for the machine tools where the chuck is the interface between the workpiece and the machine. SwissChuck develops and manufactures high precision chucking systems that are used in the high-precision machine tool industry.

Defining a suitable clamping solution is teamwork, much like chosing the best combination of component is in Formula 1. Our engineers and designers will determine the suitable workholding system for the required machining process together with you.


We design chucking systems based upon workpiece drawings and specified customer requirements. The hydraulically actuated front-end chuck shown here has an integrated circular lubrication. It can be used without retrofitting for centralized, floating (between centers) or console – like clamping. A high precision interfacing system for rapid interchanging is also available.


«Your Requirement is our challenge.»