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Functions & area of use

  • Hydraulically actuated compensating chuck for clamping between centres
  • 2, 3 and 4-jaw versions in different sizes
  • For grinding machines



  • Hydraulic compensation
  • With patented oil circulation lubrication
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low height


Additional information

Product-Flyer: SwissChuck_OVEKA_EN  [PDF, 2.00 MB]

Examples of applications

2OVEKA 140

Gear shaft:
Clamping between centers of a gear shaft

– Grinding the outer diameters
– Typical application of grinding between centers
– High roundness and concentricity accuracy

3KA 140

Ball screw shaft:
Clamping of ball screw shafts between centers

– Grinding of the ball screw track
– Accurate and firm positioning of shaft to the center point
– Very short and thin-walled clamping location

2OVEKA 140

Clamping camshafts in the pitch circle of the gear profile

– Form grinding of the cam geometry
– Angular pre-alignment with special positioning mechanism
– Precise angular clamping in the pitch circle
– Top jaws with integrated tungsten carbide clamping pins

3KA 140

Shaft part of CVT gearbox:
Clamping CVT shaft component

– Grinding of cone and outer diameters
– Stable and powerful clamping
– High roundness, concentricity and axial run-out accuracies

2KA 170

Capto tool holders:
Clamping of different Capto tool holders

– Grinding polygon and face
– Stable and powerful clamping
– High flexibility based on multiple adjustable jaw concept
– Minimum of interchangeable parts
– Only 2 sets of clamping jaws for the clamping range of ø 10 to 80 mm
– Short changeover times
– Clamping on tapered diameters with compensation of angular differences

4OVEKA 206

Clamping of crankshafts between centers

– Grinding of crankpins and main bearing journals
– Generally suitable for automotive crankshafts (up to 6 cylinders)
– Meets highest requirements for roundness, concentricity, run-out and axial run-out accuracies
– Low-maintenance operation; ideal for high-volume production
– Chuck with very low life cycle costs


Compensating chuck


For centric cylindrical, orbital pin or form grinding of complex shaft-type components, the workpiece is generally
ground between centers. The challenge faced by the workholding device is to transfer the necessary torque,
and thus the rotational movement to the workpiece, without deforming it by excessive lateral loads.
SwissChuck’s high-precision OVEKA/KA compensating chucks have been originally designed for the machining
of crankshafts, a task for which they have amply proven themselves. Over the years, these chucks have
undergone continuous improvements such that today, they are perfectly suited for the grinding of all shaft-type
These chucks have been designed in such a way that the actual clamping force is not applied until all of the
chuck’s jaws are sitting flush against the workpiece’s clamping location. The highly sensitive compensation
mechanism effortlessly equalizes any workpiece related non-concentricity in the area of the clamping location.
The compact design allows an optimal utilization of the machine tool’s overall distance between centers. For this
reason, OVEKA/KA compensating chucks are the ideal interface between the workpiece and the machine tool
spindle when grinding between centers.
To meet the high demands in terms of process stability, the SwissChuck compensating chucks are hermetically
sealed against contamination.
The hydraulically actuated chuck series Type OVEKA has been equipped with a patented circulating lubrication
system (EP1 190 815). All the chuck’s internal components are actively lubricated during each clamping
process. As a consequence, these practically maintenance-free workholding devices lead to minimal lifecycle
costs. Production downtime based on chuck malfunctions can thus be excluded.
The drawbar actuated chuck series Type KA is permanently oil filled to ensure a sealed-for-life lubrication.
The rotational movements during grinding ensure an active lubrication of all the chuck’s internal components.
For this reason, these chucks require extremely low maintenance.


- patented circulating lubrication system
- highly sensitive compensation mechanism
- extremely low maintenance

Functions & area of use

- hydraulically or drawbar actuated compensating chuck for clamping between centers
- 2, 3 or 4-jaw options available in different sizes
- engineered for grinding machines