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Functions & area of use

  • Chuck with large expansion range (15 mm diameter)
  • TGC: Actuation by power-operated clamping cylinder
  • FTGC: Pneumatically front-operated



  • Precise across the entire stroke area (<=0.005 mm at defined expansion and clamping length)
  • Axially stationary clamping lamellas
  • Optimised external contour of the chuck


Additional information

Product-Flyer:  ToolGrindChuck_EN  [PDF, 2.00 MB]

Examples of applications

Type FTGC 5-20

With ø20 mm end mill, long design version
The FTGC is ideally suited both for the manufacture of new rotary tools and for the resharpening of rotary tools, across a diameter range of 5 mm to 20 mm.


2-20 | 18-36 | 34-52
For the grinding of tungsten carbide taps: Hydraulic actuation for the clamping with a quick-change system

– Multiple changes of the chuck per day
– Special zero point interface
– Change-over of the chuck takes less than five minutes – no alignment of the chuck required
– Covers the complete clamping range from ø2 mm to ø52 with only three sizes of chucks


Tool chuck




Increase your productivity and lower your costs!
Whenever high-performance tools are manufactured, there is a need for high performing and high-precision manufacturing
equipment. With the TGCP®O high-precision Tool Grind Chuck we fulfil these requirements. Whether dealing with manufacturing
or resharpening of monoblock tools (end mills, drill bits, taps or reamers), with our TGCP®O chucks we can guarantee the
highest concentricity across the whole clamping range, from Ø 5 mm to Ø 20 mm.

The inner workings of the TGCP®O are actively protected from contamination by an oil-carrying air purge system. This achieves
a permanent lubrication of all movable parts, and thus guarantees a very high service life at a constant quality. Additionally,
the axially stationary clamping blades are subject to extremely low wear.

The comprehensive range of accessories for the TGCP®O ensures that the chucks can be utilized optimally in automatic and
manual mode. The two standard versions – FTGC with pneumatic actuation and the TGC with actuation based on a pneumatic
force cylinder and a draw tube – cover a clamping range from Ø 5 mm to Ø 20 mm. Difference clamping ranges can be offered
as customer specific solutions.

A concentricity of ≤ 0.005 mm can be achieved under the following conditions:
– Clamping length l1 at a clamping diameter dsp ≤ 8mm: min. 25 mm
− Clamping length l1 > 8 mm to 20 mm: min. 3 x clamping diameter dSP
– Measuring point l2 maximal 4 x the clamping diameter distant from the clamping blade
− Immaculate condition of the tool chuck
− Free of interfering lateral loads during the loading of the workpieces

– Highest precision ≤ 0.005 mm
– Standard clamping range Ø 5 mm to Ø 20 mm
– Reduction of set-up times
– Comprehensive range of accessories

– Active air purge system protects against contamination
– Axially stationary clamping elements result in minimal wear at the clamping location
– TGC: actuated by a pneumatic cylinder
– FTGC: pneumatically actuated at the front end