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Functions & area of use

  • Actuation by power-operated clamping cylinder or manual actuation
  • Mainly for rotating processing



  • Precise expanding mandrels
  • Parallel clamping across the entire stroke
  • Large stroke per expanding mandrel
  • Suitable for thin-walled rings (number of clamping lamellas)


Additional information

SwissChuck_EM_EN  [PDF, 908 KB]


Collet expanding mandrel


Mandrel EM

Flexibility with interchangeable clamping sleeves

The clamping sleeves are interchangeable modular units requiring no readjustment

and can be ground by you. With the double conical expansion of the clamping sleeves by 0.8 mm, a perfect clamping geometry is obtained. The repeat accuracy is in the range of 0.01mm. Special clamping sleeves are also available for clamping profiled, internally toothed, stepped or conical work pieces.


• Expansion of mandrels of 0.8mm

• Suitable for automatic loading

• Repeat clamping accuracy less than 0.012 mm.

• Sealing of sleeve slots bonding available as standard.

• Stroke limitation for easy and safe handling


Multi-blademandrel D

Wide clamping range with perfect clamping

geometry for tight tolerances. Flexible clamping of workpieces with diverse bore diameters with the same mandrel and high precision of 0.01mm. Unique wide clamping range offers considerable advantages over other conventional clamping systems. Fewer mandrels are required, shorter set-up time and greater flexibility.

Highlights of the D series

 • Wide clamping range

• Suitable for automatic loading

• Repeatability to 0.01mm

• Axially fixed

• Uncompromising clamping geometry for narrow, consistent production tolerances