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Functions & area of use

  • External and internal clamping for larger workpieces
  • Large passage
  • Actuation by power-operated clamping cylinder
  • Ideal chuck for any circular grinding machine



  • High precision
  • Sealed, suitable for use on grinding machines
  • Precision interface between base and top jaw – no re-grinding of the jaws after jaw change
  • Low height


Additional Information

Product-Flyer: PrecisionPowerChuck_en  [PDF, 3.00 MB]

Examples of applications

3KFHP 400

Gear part:
Clamping of gears on pitch circle (approx. ø250)

– Grinding of the bore
– High concentricity required
– Workpiece is first inserted into a needle cage and subsequently this assembly is clamped in chuck

3KFHP 315

Part of CVT gearbox:
Clamping on OD diameter

– Grinding of face and ID diameters
– Must be free of deformation caused by clamping force
– High concentricity and axial run-out accuracy

Precision power chucks


The KCHP/VKCHP type chucks are specifically designed for cylindrical grinding machines. Every chuck is filled with oil to guarantee an efficient chuck operation. The sealed design of these chucks has been further improved to either prevent contamination from swarf and coolant or oil loss. This makes our chucks nearly maintenance-free. The whole chuck design is aimed to ensure long-term accuracy and performance.

The KCHP style chuck features a through hole and is drawbar-actuated, typically by a pneumatic cylinder at the back of the machine spindle. The VKCHP style chuck features a coolant or air passage through the center and is actuated by a rotating air tube.


Every single chuck of the new generation KCHP/VKCHP type features precision jig ground locating holes for accurate top jaw location. All locating holes are machined on the chuck under load. Repeating accuracy ≤ 0.002 mm. Changing the top jaws between same size chucks is now possible with consistent accuracy. This means: no re-grinding of top jaws, time saving and increased productivity.


  • High repeating accuracy of ≤ 0.002 mm
  • Hermetically sealed for long-term performance
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Accurate top jaw location independent of chuck serial number
  • Low maintenance

Functions & area of use

  • For internal or external cylindrical grinding
  • Large through hole (KCHP)
  • Coolant or air passage (VKCHP)
  • Actuation by drawbar and separate pneumatic cylinder (KCHP)
  • Actuation by rotating air tube (VKCHP)