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Diaphragm chuck


Precision Diaphragm Chuck VMCHP

Modern grinding machines require matching workholding systems to fully exploit the
machines’ potential and to ensure that the workpieces are manufactured efficiently.
Worldwide, SwissChuck is second to none when it comes to high-precision chucks.
The very close collaboration with renowned machine tool builders and our continuous
drive for innovation are the foundation of our technological leadership. For
this reason, SwissChuck products offer the user the highest level of precision, reliability
and flexibility in application.

The pneumatically actuated diaphragm chuck family 6VMCHP guarantees clamping
of workpieces at the highest level of precision and delivers a repeatability of ≤ 0.002
mm. During clamping, the pull-back effect of the diaphragm ensures that the workpieces
are pulled back against the end-stop, which, in turn, ensures that tight linear
tolerances can be maintained reliably during the whole manufacturing process.
A through bore allows the supply of coolant, purge air or room for a part presence
checking probe in the center of the chuck. The pneumatic rotary feed device fits
through the spindle and can be screwed directly into the chuck body.

– High precision ≤ 0.002 mm
– Opening stroke suitable for automatic loading
– Axial end-stop mounted directly on chuck body offering absolute stability
– Coolant supply via central bore (through hole)
– Precision interfaces for top jaws; no need for regrinding the clamping section
– Pull-back effect


– Pneumatically actuated on front-end
– Hermetically sealed against contamination